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Erap Para sa Mahirap

Erap Para sa Mahirap

ERAP (Education, Research and Assistance Program) Foundation, Inc.

The ERAP (Education, Research and Assistance Program) Foundation, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit corporation registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on December 1, 1998. It embodies the mission and objectives of the foundation, to wit:

  • To initiate, provide and establish education, research and other forms of assistance programs and services to poor but deserving citizens of our country, and
  • To foster mutual assistance and self-reliance by promoting livelihood and self-help programs


When former President Joseph “ERAP” Estrada was still mayor of San Juan – a post he held for sixteen years – he established a legacy no other local executive had ever done before: that of providing a comprehensive program of assistance to the needy, but deserving, constituents of his municipality. Among his many advocacies: providing scholarships to poor but deserving students; burial benefits to indigent families; distributed land and provided free housing to squatters who voluntarily vacated slum areas in the municipality; and provided livelihood to those who wished to augment their meager incomes.

At the height of the 1987 (senatorial) and 1992 (vice-presidential) campaign, Estrada personally witnessed the depth of despair and hopelessness afflicting millions of our countrymen as he toured the country. This experience reaffirmed his commitment to continue the advocacies he undertook as mayor, only this time, on a national scale.

Acknowledging that his salary would not be enough to substantially fund the grants of scholarship, Estrada called on his friends and associates to help out in the Herculean task: most readily answered his call. Together with his salary as Senator, Estrada was able to establish the ERAP Foundation which, to this day, remains a beacon of hope for many who once lost hope in the future.


The ERAP Foundation seeks to:

  • Initiate, establish and provide education, research and other forms of assistance programs and services to economically and socially disadvantaged young Filipinos;
  • Conduct medical missions, render health care services; and
  • Promote livelihood and self-help programs


  • Scholarship program for the poor and less privileged, but deserving Filipino students all over the country
  • Mutual assistance and self-help programs as well as other forms of assistance
  • Programs of cooperation with private, government and other institutions


The ERAP Foundation appeals to you who have more in life, have something to share and are willing to be part of our scholarship and social service programs. The assistance that you give brings direct benefits to our student-youth and shall transform them into productive members of civil society.

Inquiries may be addressed to: jancheta_20@yahoo.com